CFO – Semaine Internationale de l’Ostéopathie – 17 au 23 Avril 2016

Research links showing a sample of evidence for the effectiveness of osteopathic treatment for back pain.

Viola Frymann

Viola Frymann

January 26, 2016

Viola M. Frymann, D.O., F.A.A.O., F.C.A., Internationally Recognized And Pioneering Osteopathic Physician, Dies At 94.
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Canadian Federation of Osteopaths

Founded in 2003, the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths (CFO) is the official national association for Osteopaths*. Its membership base consists of established provincial associations. Individual osteopathic practitioners are not members in the CFO, their voice and interests are represented by the respective provincial body.

In turn the CFO is a member of the Osteopathic International Allliance (OIA), a world wide alliance of national governing bodies and associations that have come together with the common goal of osteopathic unity and high quality osteopathic healthcare.

The OIA advances the philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine and osteopathy worldwide” (



  • To provide support to the provincial associations
  • To promote osteopathy as a form of complementary healthcare.
  • To support the profession of Osteopathy
  • To represent provincial and territorial Osteopathic associations in Canada
  • To uphold membership standards which meet or exceed benchmarks of education as detailed by the
    World Health Organization (WHO) 2010 Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy.
  • To establish and maintain positive relationships with other associations in countries where osteopathy is practiced.
  • To be a reliable source for information regarding the practice of manual osteopathy in Canada.
  • To maintain positive efforts towards national and international unity of the two streams of osteopathy.


*Osteopath: Internationally, the term Osteopath is applied to manual osteopathy, while the medical stream uses Osteopathic Physician.